The Great Quake by Henry Fountain

Fountain describes the big earthquake from both a scientific and a human storytelling point of view.The writer covers a lot of information about earthquakes.A wonderful history and science book that shows how natural disaster pushed scientific inquiry.Although it’s a book about the history of earthquakes it was easy to read,well-written.Writer Henry Fountain does a good job of taking us through the events.

Confessions/Jo Confesso/Confiteor by Jaume Cabré

I read this book and I loved it from the first page.I read it slowly , patiently absorbing its magic absorbing its art!
Because this is pure art we are talking about.A book a didn't want it to end.This beauty here now belongs to my all time favorites and in the future it will belong to the classics,to the miracles.I don't know how Cabre did this , I don't know how he made it happen but I know for sure that i will be forever grateful.This book is an experience.This book is 700 pages of utter beauty.Its a trip around the world following a violin , its a trip from monasteries to Auschwitz and from hell to heaven and then back to hell.Adria I loved your story, Cabre I loved your book.

Qwendy’s Button Box by Stephen King and Richard Chizmar

Okay so I've just finished reading this and I'm a bit disappointed… I really was ready for something amazing but no not at all… The story was really fast and nothing really happened in general… but that's just my opinion. what's yours? #stephenking #gwendysbuttonbox